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Are you tired of laboriously washing and waxing your car, or constantly spending the money for someone else to do it? If you care about your vehicle’s appearance and longevity, you know this maintenance is necessary.

You change your car’s oil and get regular engine check ups, but don’t forget that your wheels, paint, and windows face just as much wear and tear. Elements such as rain, dirt, sun, tar, bugs, and other everyday occurrences take their toll on our vehicles over time and exposure.

Whether you wish to protect your brand new car, or bring an antique back to life, if you are serious about your car, you need a premium glass coating. Xtreme9h is the highest certified endurance protection for your vehicle’s paint, glass, and wheels. One application of the Xtreme9h line is all you need to keep your car shining and protected for up to five years.

Not only will your vehicle be protected, but it will require much less washing and maintenance because the self-cleaning effect repels dirt, grime, and water. This means five years of freedom from the day-long task of washing and waxing your vehicle! After application, simply maintain with mild soap and water - do not wax your vehicle.

Xtreme9h is hydrophobic, meaning rain simply beads off the windshield and windows for better visibility and safer driving.

In addition to a deep, glossy, mirror finish, your vehicle will be protected from conditions such as:

- UV light

- Scratches

- Bugs and bird droppings

- Road tar

- Brake dust

So how does it work?

Xtreme9h creates a chemical bond to your paint, filling any microscopic pores on the surface as it hardens.

For the body of the vehicle, the first element of this three-step process primes the paint and creates an adhesive for the gloss. Step two creates that beautiful shine and luster, and protects the paint from elements. Step three locks in this protection, preventing damage and keeping your paint job looking pristine.

The wheel and window sealants work in the same way, but have been designed for each respective surface and don’t require the three-step process.

Paint Coating Package
X1, X2, and X3

The paint-coating package is safe for use on all makes and models of vehicles, providing long-lasting results and a beautiful paint job.

The application has three steps:
X1 - Mineral Base Coat
X2 - Gloss Mid Coat
X3 - Protectant

Make sure to plan ahead to allow time for application and drying. Taking the time to do it right once will save you the headache and stress for years to come.

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Wheel Sealant

Our wheels and tires are more impacted by road travel than any other component of the vehicle. They face constant interaction with the terrain, as well as handle the impact of the mechanical system and the elements.

After removing all dirt and grime from the wheels and drying thoroughly, the Xtreme9h Wheel Sealant coats a protective layer around the wheel surfaces to keep them clean and shiny and repel contaminants.

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Window Sealant

The window sealant has so many benefits, making this step essential for window protection as well as the aesthetics of your vehicle. The sealant provides peace of mind, as it helps repel contaminants that make windows dirty. It also acts as a shield to liquid, making rain bead off the window for clearer view and safer driving. Finishing with the Window Sealant will complete that sleek and shiny look that you want for your vehicle.

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How to Apply

We’ll provide step by step instructions on how to prepare your vehicle’s surface, and how to properly apply our various coatings and sealants. For maximum effect, X1, X2 and X3 should be applied by professional detailer. Learn More