5 Affordable Ways to Protect Your Car's Paint

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5 Affordable Ways to Protect Your Car's Paint
Buying a new car is not easy. You might have seen some people saving up money their entire lives but still being unable to buy a car. This goes to show how special owning a car can be. But what if I say that that special feeling can be prolonged forever? That’s possible if you take care of your car’s paint. Just like everything else on this planet, a vehicle undergoes wear and tear and unfortunately, the first thing that gets affected is its paint job. As time passes, the car’s paint will start to fade away and your vehicle will not look as good as new. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Mercedes or BMW, a dull looking car won’t impress anybody.  

To help you out, I have compiled a list of tips that can be helpful for maintaining your vehicle’s original paint.  

  1. Glass Coating 

The best way of protecting a vehicle’s paint job is to apply a protective coating. These synthetic glass coatings act as the bodyguards for your car’s paint, taking all the abuse from the sun. A coating is affordable and long lasting as you can get either a 3-year or 5-year warranty before the coating weakens. Furthermore, it's not just the sun the glass coating protects your car against, it does equally well against scratches from dust and pelting hail that could damage your paint job.  

  1. Use Microfiber Cloth 

Microfiber cloths are easily available in the market nowadays. Use these specially crafted cloths to clean your car of dirt. Dust and dirt can easily put scratches on your vehicle’s exterior. Therefore, you should also stop the urge to make doodles on your dirty automobile. Although, you might be a good artist and your doodles might look good, but if you love your car, it’s best to exercise your talent on a piece of paper.  

  1. Give the Car A Shower 

The best way to be the most careful is to skip everything and use water. In order to keep your vehicle clean from all dirt, give it a water bath. If need be, you can even rub it down with car cleaning detergents and then clean off that with water to get a shimmering finish. I wouldn’t recommend high-pressure water sprays that most people use at home and in their service workshops. While a high-pressure water spray can save you loads of time, it can easily damage the paint. How? The answer is simple. Water has corroding properties and these properties increase two-fold if you use a high-pressure water pump.  

  1. Wax and Polish   

When all the cleaning is done all that’s left is some proper waxing. This process gives your car a very shiny appearance. There are many types of waxes available in the market. Some are liquid based while some can be found in sprays and even in a creamy wax form. It is necessary that you apply some wax right after you get a coating. In other cases, apply wax and polish your car every month or every two weeks to get the best results.  It's best to do it yourself by taking a Sunday off from house chores and spending the saved time with your precious vehicle.  

  1. Buy Car Covers

Let’s face it, not everyone is fortunate enough to own a garage. Those of you who do own one, this tip will not do much good unless you decide to move to a place without a car garage. The sun is the biggest enemy for your vehicle as it constantly shines upon it. If increased exposure can give humans skin cancer just imagine what might happen to paint. Therefore, parking your car out on a sunny day but if you are unable to avoid that, you should buy a cover for your car. Car covers are tailor-made to shield your car from the sun, dirt, rain and all kinds of other things that might damage your car. You can find one easily at your local car accessory store. Even that can be avoided if you can find a nice tree where you can park your car without any worries. Just make sure, you don’t do this for long as birds are not the best of friends with cars.  

After going through all the tips above, I hope you will be willing to take care of your car. It costs a lot of money and so it's not every day that you can buy a car for yourself let alone a new one. Therefore, keep protecting it so it retains its value for years to come. 



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