Why Xtreme9h®

Protect Your Vehicle with Xtreme9h®

Xtreme9h® premium-quality products are the answer to how caring owners protect their vehicles. Paint, wheels, and glass face as much wear-and-tear as the engine under the hood, and exposure to the elements will compromise the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle’s components.

We understand that keeping your vehicle cleaned, polished, and detailed can feel like a full-time job! Our products take the stress and hassle out of you maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetics and durability. One application of Xtreme9h® gives you effective protection for up to five years, or longer!

For longevity and best results, we recommend a maintenance application of X3 every 3-6 months, depending on the climate you live in. For more humid and warm climates, more frequent application may be needed.

Vehicle owners have been looking all over for a car care option that doesn’t require a weekly polishing and detail service. It may be difficult for you to stay ahead of your vehicle’s protection needs when you’re busy putting miles on the odometer. That’s where we come in, showing you exactly which products were designed with your vehicle in mind.

Xtreme9h® has a system of glass coating applications, window and wheel sealants that provide total car protection. Premium glass coatings not only make your vehicle impervious to day-to-day wear, but they will also last much longer than any waxing.

X1, X2, and X3 coating agents prevent dirt and debris from attaching themselves to your vehicle’s body. Our glass coatings and sealants force contaminants to slide off of your vehicle with ease.

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